Power Steering

RVS Technology for Power Steering

Does the power steering system of your vehicle seem stiffer than it used to be? Does the power steering produce noise?

You can fix a worn power steering unit by adding the RVS Power Steering product contents into the oil reservoir of the power steering system and turning the steering wheel. More detailed instructions are included in the package.

The improvement is significant, noises are reduced, and steering becomes light and accurate.

For power steering units with an oil capacity up to 2 litres.


Step 1:

Put the supplied hose on to the syringe and then squeeze the contents of the small tube into the syringe. Put the rubber piston into the syringe body and turn the syringe with the hose end upwards and carefully squeeze the air out of the syringe.

Step 2:

Remove the upper oil cap of the power steering and take out approx. 20 ml of oil from the device using the syringe and take some air into the syringe until the rubber piston edge is at the 60-ml marking.

Step 3.

Shake the syringe until the mixture inside is fully mixed and squeeze the contents of the syringe into the power steering and set the oil cap back on and tighten it.

Step 4:

Start the engine and let it idle for approx. 5 to 10 minutes.  Then immediately drive the vehicle for at least 10 minutes on as “winding” a road as possible (or alternatively on a parking lot at a low speed by turning the steering wheel from one extreme position to the other).

Download PDF Instructions [PDF]

In the box

  • Application syringe with 10-inch (25cm) flexible tube.
  • 0.37 oz (11 ml) of RVS gel.
  • Step-by-step instruction booklet in English, Spanish and French.
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