Diesel Engine Treatment Additive

Products Available:

  • D4: For diesel engines with an oil capacity up to 4 litres.
  • D6: For diesel engines with an oil capacity up to 6 litres.
  • D8: For diesel engines with an oil capacity up to 8 litres.
  • D40: For diesel engines with an oil capacity up to 40 litres.
  • DIP3: For diesel engine injection systems.

RVS Technology for Diesel Engines

RVS diesel engine treatment products can improve the fuel consumption, endurance, and health of your engine. If you want to improve the performance of your diesel vehicle then we recommend our diesel fuel additive, but don't take our word for it, check out our testimonials.

Our oil treatment product has been developed for anti-friction within the fuel system. RVS has unique properties; it protects and prevents the surfaces and mechanisms against wear and tear.

The RVS treatment will last for 60,000 miles.

This product is created to treat standard diesel engines. You can read a technical description of RVS products in the ' Technology ' section at the top of the page.

If your vehicle has done LESS than 25,000 miles you can add it to your engine, even in a parking lot:

  1. Thoroughly mix the contents of the package together
  2. Add half of the mixture into a warm engine 
  3. Let the engine idle for 15 minutes
  4. Pour the rest of the mixture into it
  5. Start the engine and drive or let it idle for at least 30 to 40 minutes

That’s how easy it is! More detailed instructions are below and included in the package.

If your vehicle has done MORE than 25,000 miles we would recommend a double application, this will help clean the engine and allow the product to achieve its maximum efficiency. This will require:

  1. An application of the RVS treatment
  2. A running-in period
  3. A full engine oil and filter change 
  4. A further RVS fuel treatment

More detailed instructions are below and included in the package.

You can find the oil volume of the engine in the user’s manual of the vehicle or check this site for information for cars and check this website for other vehicles. If the oil volume is more than 9 litres, D4 and D6 products can be combined and used in an engine with an oil volume of 10 litres, two D6 products can be used for treating an engine with an oil volume of 12 litres etc.

Attention! We do not recommend dividing products for diesel engines.

Diesel engine treatment product in box



Download the instruction manual [PDF]

Less than 25,000 miles / 800 hours

Step 01

Warm the engine up to its normal operating temperature. Meanwhile, squeeze the contents of the small tube into the bottle and close the cap of the bottle and shake the bottle well (20–30 sec.) until it is well mixed together (the contents of the package should be at room temperature).

Step 02

Pour immediately half of the mixture into the engine and let the engine idle for 15 minutes.

Step 03

Stop the engine for one minute.

Step 04

Shake the bottle well (20–30 sec.) and pour the rest of the mixture in the bottle into the engine.

Drive the vehicle at least for 30 minutes avoiding heavy engine loading. When treating a motorcycle engine with united lubrication with the gearbox, use all the gears for equal intervals during this stage.

Following this drive the vehicle as usual for approximately 300–400 km (200–250 miles) but avoid heavy engine loading (run-in).

If more than 25,000 miles / 800 hours

If your engine life has more than 25,000 miles or 800 hours, you should perform a 2nd treatment to get the best results. It is recommended not to postpone the second treatment further as the dirt removed from the surfaces being treated starts to stick back on the cleaned surfaces.

It is important to incorporate an engine oil and filter change and then add the 2nd treatment which is applied in the same way as the 1st treatment.

The treatment is complete after approximately 1000–1250 miles (1500 - 2000 km) (or 20 to 50 engine hours) counted from the second treatment.

A third treatment with a third package carried out similarly to the first and second ones may be useful for very worn engines.

In the box

  • 5.1 oz (150 ml) of oil
  • 0.37 oz (11 ml) of RVS gel
  • step-by-step instruction booklet in English, Spanish and French.
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