The efficiency of RVS Technology® Gel was examined in Load Tests of Geared Engines of the Company SEW-Eurodrive

Tests were carried out, at the Premises of the Company ELEKTRO-MASCHINENBAU Bogner GmbH & Co. KG in Germany, 20-24.12.2003. The goal was to examine the temperature and current behaviour of 4 worm-geared engines without gear oil at nominal load to determine the emergency operating features of the engines. It observes the difference between 2 engines, which have been treated with RVS Technology Gel and 2 untreated engine,


The test results clearly show that the RVS Technology Gel had a significant effect on the treated geared engines. The surfaces of the gears are coated so as to achieve a
significantly higher stability. Although a steel/brass friction combination does not result in the optimal characteristics of the RVS Technology Gel, the temperature differences up to
54 °C (-61%) and current differences up to 2.0 A (-65%), are evident.

The surface of the gear teeth indicates very strong seizing marks and very high bearing temperatures (annealing colours) in the untreated engines (Engine 3). There are absolutely no signs of wear on engines treated with RVS Technology (Engine 1).

In conclusion it can be stated that the RVS Technology Gel is well suited to coat frictional metal surfaces and thus protect them against wear, reduce friction and significantly increase service life.

The tests showed excellent emergency operating features of treated gears. In fact, since this is not a real case of operating, the coating on the gear teeth may result in significantly longer lifetimes (2-fold), potential savings of oil changes and even the use of cheaper material.

Download the test report

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