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If you're still not sure whether our products are right for you, then have a look at what our customers say about using RVS tec products:


We are running an old Cummins 280 kva generator at our recycling plant. I contacted RVS Tec UK and they kindly came and did the installation. We did a second installation after an oil change and noted the following. - easier to start, less black smoke on start-up and a fuel-saving of 10% (£1280) over the year. The D40 treatment was expensive, but has more than paid for itself!


Petrol Engine Treatment additive

I performed an RVS treatment to my classic Morris Minor Traveller. I have noticed it is now easier to start and there is more power. The local hill that I had to take in 2nd gear is now easily going up in 3rd gear! Great result

- Keith Williams

It works

2.5-3 mpgs increase on a Toyota Prius. Whats not to like.

- Chris B

Petrol Engine Treatment additive

This is sound as if everything needed included. You get two boxes/kits to do complete treatment. And you can only find this out, after opening package and reading instructions. How about you sell everything needed in 1 package. I DID NOT RECOMMEND.

- William J Seaquist

From Sceptical to a believer.

This stuff works! I get a few more mpg's and a bit more power. I can't afford to do a dyno test! Haha
I was skeptical at first but bought it anyway and put it in vehicle now I'm a believer!

- Linuxguy 1010

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