4x4 Magazine Test

Summary and translation of the RVS Technology test-article

Two vehicles were tested:
Ford Transit 2.5 D (Diesel) Van, 1992, mileage 278,000 km and Mitsubishi Pajero 2.8 D (Diesel), 4x4, 1998, mileage 140,000 km. In both cars the Power Steering, Engines, Gearboxes and Rear Axels (differential) got the RVS treatment. In the Pajero also the Front Differential and Splitter Gear were treated.

Summary of the measurement results:

  • The first noticeable thing after the RVS application was the improvement of the Power Steering efficiency in both cars
  • Improvements in the fuel consumption started to show only after a 3000 to 4000 km drive. Reductions:
    • Ford Transit Mixed: -1.2 l/100km (- 9.2%), Highway: -0.4 l/100 km (-6.0%)
    • Pajero: Mixed: -1.4 l/100 km (-10.6%), Highway: -0.4 l/100 km (-3.9%)
  • Blow by improvements: Ford 13.6 %, Pajero 5.7 %.
  • Acceleration improvement measured in the Pajero,16.1 %.

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